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CNC Machining Hydraulic VayeBlock

CNC turning services

Deep Drawn Stainless Steel Parts

CNC Machining Parts

High Precision CNC Machining Shaft

Stainless Steel Machining Parts

CNC Turning Parts

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Precision Machining

CNC Turning for preicison parts with tight tolerances and diameters from 2mm to 200mm

Surface Grinding

Surface grinding can be applied to work pieces up to 10” indiameter5” inch thick and.020 to3″ depth

Surface finishing

Heat treatment polishing,PVD/CVD coating,galvanized,eectroplating spraying,and painting

Quality Inspection

IPQC inspect each during every step; 100%inspection before shipment by micrometer,height gauge,projector measuring machine,coordinate measuring machine(CMM)

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Metal Stamping Parts

Metal Stamping Parts Are you looking for high-quality Metal Stamping Parts services?Are you tired of waiting months only to return

CNC Turning Components

FRIMA-CNC Turning Components FRIMA has continued to supply the CNC turning Components With highly trained staff and use of simple

Benefits OfCNCMachining

CNC Machining CNC Machining,or Computer Numerical Control Machining involves the use of computers to control machine tools.This technique offers higher