About Us

Ningbo FRIMA is an ISO9001:.2008 and IATF 16949 certificated manufacturer company whose 8,000 square footmachine shop in Ningbo, China, houses virtually every precision CNC manufacturing capability you could ever need.

Major Capabilities
FRIMA precision machining features live tooling for milling, driling, tapping, facing, cross drilling, and turning variedmetals and plastics parts for our customers in the USA, across Europe, and Australia.
We have excellent capability to produce turning and miling machining parts with multi-spindle machines in mild steel,brass, stainless steel, aluminum, and plastic.All of the specifications are strict with the customized requirement theminimum tolerances could be up to+/-0.002 mm.
Besides, we also provide professional surface treatment service for all of the machining parts, including grinding.deburring, heat treatment, plating, coating, painting, etc.

Experience & Service
FRIMA Manufacturing has 20 years of experience fabricating CNC products for the high-tech/bioscience, aerospace,textile, dental, medical, automotive, military, food service,and medical industries.
Throughout the years, we’ve learned the importance of customer service-so we go beyond the RFQ.Unlike most other CNC manufacturer companies, we have full-time staff and facilities devoted to customer care.

CNC Design & Engineering
FRIMA Manufacturing provides application-specific engineering and design to build and deliver CNC manufactured partsfor your unique process and product challenges-cost effectively.
Our team can custom manufacture any CNC part or CNC component imaginable.Retail fixture, furniture, powergeneration, building customers, and even OEMs know they can also rely on FRIMAs design, assembly, finishing, andpolishing skills to complete any CNC machining job.

Located in Ningbo, we had one of the largest export port-the Ningbo Port, shipping to every country in the world.And weare much close to Shanghai airport in two hours, keep the fast air shipping to your place.
The samples production time is fast after getting your drawing or the detailed requirement. Also, we had a completeproduction line in processing raw materials, machining body, surface treatment, and testing conditions.
Having the cooperation with the UPS, DHL,FedEx,TNT, and EMS service, we can ship the samples or small volumes toyour office within 7 working days door to door.

Let’s Get Started
When the manufacturing of your precision machining components and parts calls for the precision that only CNcprecision machining can provide, i’s time to talk to FRIMA Manufacturing.For further information, please feel free tocontact us at [email protected]