Precision Metal Stamping

Are you looking for high-quality Precision Metal Stamping services?Are you tired of waiting months only to return samples because the parts are of poor quality and don’t meet your needs?We are your solution for metal stamping.

At FRIMA,material inspection is the most important step in our process-even more important than CNC machine operation on some occasions.We test each part against a check list of quality control requirements before the CNC machine is even fired up.

At FRIMA,we have the capability to build all of own tools and the ability to take your tools and run them in our punch presses.Our team has the ability to run single stage to fully progressive tooling from 40 to 300 tons.Our multiple feed lines allow us to simultaneously run single stage and fully progressive line setups.

At FRIMA,our design team,tool building abilities,and metal stamping technology is fully integrated.If a change occurs during the job process,we have the ability to reconcile differences quickly in-house.We control every aspect of the stamping process to ensure efficiency and offer our customers quality and cost-effectiveness Get more free quotes,please contact us at [email protected]

Please kindly send the drawing with 2D or 3D files,so we can make quotes accordingly.

What material we can do?

Wetake quality control and accurace very seriously here we have iplemented   a 100% qualified rate.

Precision Metal Stamping Parts

Metal Stamping Parts

metal stamping steel component

Metal  Bending Parts

Precision Metal StampingParts

Metal Stamping Parts

Precision Metal Stamping Parts

CNC Stamping Brass Part

CNC Stamping Steel Parts

CNC Stamping Stainless Steel Parts

Metal Stamping Components

CNC Stamping Parts

What material we can do?

Material StainessSteel Auminum,Mildsteel and Plastice

Processing service cnc turing.cnc milling,stamping,drilling,grinding

Machining Tolerance 10.005mm to 10.1mm
Roughness Value <Ra0.2
Surface treatmen heat treatment,anodize ,sand blasting

Applications autoparts,motorcycleparts ,householdparts

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