Carbon Steel Pipe Fittings Forged Flange

Carbon Steel Pipe Fittings Forged Flange

Carbon Steel Pipe Fittings Forged Flange

  • Carbon Steel Pipe Fittings Forged Flange


  • Process: precision forging+ blasting+ cnc machining
  • Material: Aluminum , Brass , carbon steel, stainless steel, iron
  • Machining: turning, milling, drilling, grinding, threading, CNC
  • Finishing: sand blasting, polishing, plating, acid treatment, anodizing, coating
  • Design: customized samples or drawings are accepted
  • Weight range: 0.1-100KG
  • Packaging: paper carton + bubble bag
  • Delivery time: tooling/sample within 4 weeks, batch order within 4 weeks.
  • Inspection: all the products are strictly inspected by QC.
  • High quality, competitive price, good service, fast delivery

Carbon Steel Pipe Fittings Forged Flange

Description Custom Forged Flange
Cooperation model OEM or ODM
Design As per customer specific engineering drawings, technical specification and

special requirements;

Or customer give us the specified sample;

Or the customer conceptual or preliminary design;

Or the customer sketched idea

Accept drawing format .jpg /.pdf /.dwg/.igs./.stp/x_t. etc
Material Material stock is of many materials, including carbon steel, alloy steel, stainless steel, aluminum, brass even plastics
Material condition The supplying material is on the many condition, including bar, forging, casting, extruding and etc.
Material weight From 0.01~1000Kg
Application material standard If no any specially required by the customers, we often suggest our customer to try the equivalent China National (GB) standard material that our engineering team proposes which to be properly converted from ANSI, ASTM, SAE, EN. DIN. BS, JIS and etc., to contribute the material cost control.

If it is necessary to use exact designated material no., it is also possible choice.

Available processing


Turning, drilling, milling, planning, boring. Grinding, gear-hobbing, wire-cutting, sawing, reaming, screwing, EDM machining, assembling and etc. in Atlas Metal house
Precision Average level: ±0.01mm, depending the part size and thickness and material
Tooling in house To design and build the necessary tooling in own house, for the tooling we never add any margins, it just cost.
Equipment in Atlas Metal shops CNC Horizontal lathe Dia.400mm X2000mm capacity /8

Horizontal lathe Dia.500mm X750mm capacity /2

Vertical lathe Dia.1200mm capacity /2

CNC Milling machine 250mm x1120mm capacity /3

Milling machine 320mm x1320mm capacity /2

Planning machine 650mm capacity /1

Plane grinding machine 250mm x300mm capacity, precision on and less than 0.016 /1

Small size high-precision plane grinding machine /1

Circular grinding machine Dia.250mm x 2000mm /1

Vertical drilling machine Dia.50mm/M24 capacity /1

Table drilling machine /15

Japan Sodick Linear cutting, CNC precision 0.001mm 320mm x400mm /1

Linear cutting machine, CNC precision 0.015mm 320mm x400mm /6

Electric discharge machine CNC precision 0.018mm 320mm x500mm /3

Gear-hobbing machine / 5

Sawing machine/ 2

Heat Treatment

(out house)

For the heat treatment, we subcontract to our local qualified supplying factories to process at the out of Atlas house. Thanks to the long term good cooperating with our local suppliers and Ningbo area having a strong mechanical production engineering basements, generally we often can meet any heat treatment requirements on the metal works, such as annealing, normalizing, tempering & quenching, surface hardening and etc..
Surface treatment

(out house)

The surface treatment is to do out house. Our suppliers help us to supply our customers a wide range of surface finish solution, such as hot dip galvanizing, zinc plating, nickel plating, chrome plating, powder coating, epoxy painting, anodizing, black oxide, E-coating (Electrophoresis) and etc
Inspection Whole inspection procedures (IQC, PQC and FQC) and QA plan are carried out in house to be compliance with the rules and regulation of ISO9001:2000

Quality control always be doing on site and on time, never try to do later;

If the customer found it is necessary any third authorized inspection organization are welcomed to witness the quality before the shipment.

Packing Strictly in accordance with the customer specific instruction on the packing,

We can package for retail if needed.

If no any specified, generally we would recommend that the parts to be packaged by a poly bags, then put them in cartons, and finally to be on the pallets. The gross weight of one carton is not more than 22Kg and pallet size try to approaching 120cm x 80cm (Europe size) and 42” X 42” (US size).

The package is seaworthy and suitable for export. The wooden package material shall be steamed with the certificated and stamped by CCIB.

Applicable field The custom metal part may be one of the all kinds of auto parts, machinery parts, computer parts, medical parts, home appliances parts, electrical equipment parts, electrical appliance parts ,Electronic Products parts, Electronic parts, Generator parts, alternator parts, dynamo parts, electric generator parts, stationery , power switches, miniature switches, architecture, commodity and A/V equipment, hardware and plastic molds, sports equipment and gifts, etc.,
Reminding The metal parts to be showed on the website are not for sale, it just for sales promotion purpose it is to explain for our potential customers that we had produced or are capable of making such similar metal parts or supply same metal processing services.

For any custom metal parts before mass production we need our customer to confirm and approve the working samples. For more information on the sample issue, please visit our “Sample Procedures and Sample Policy” to get more details.

Carbon Steel Pipe Fittings Forged Flange


1. Drawings marked material, tolerances, surface/ heat treatment requirements etc ;
2. Quantity and annual demand;
3. FOB, CIF or EXW ?

Welcome your inquiry and we will offer satisfied quality and prices to you!

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