CNC turning services

CNC turning services

FRIMA is an experienced precision CNC turning services supplier, manufacturer, exporter in China that has been specialized in offering the best OEM CNC lathe services for superior quality cheap CNC turning parts, CNC lathe parts or high precision machined components with the operation of an impressive range of state-of-the-art turning machines, such as washers, bolts, shafts, rivets, spacers, sleeves, nipples, stainless steel fittings, pipe fittings, light fittings, wheel studs, etc.

Our advanced CNC turning center routinely works with a wide variety of materials, ranging from copper, brass, stainless steel, carbon steel, aluminum, and titanium. We can always choose a suitable precision turning process to reach your requirements. Our custom CNC machining services ensure that our customers receive the highest quality CNC turned parts.

FRIMA Precision CNC Turning Services Capabilities and Features:

FRIMA is capable to provide cost-effective CNC turning lathe services and quality products with high precision and accuracy for vast projects.

  • Low, medium to high volume batches production run
  • Rapid prototyping and end-use manufacturing
  • High dimensional accuracy, high speed, and high reliability
  • A wide range of compatible metal and plastics materials
  • Great productivity and improved efficiency
  • Smooth finishes and tight tolerances can be achieved

Why Choose FRIMA CNC Turning Service

  • We have multiple CNC manufacturing capabilities and can meet a wide variety of needs. In addition to turning, we specialize in milling, lathing, drilling, CNC turning, and milling services, so you can obtain a large selection of CNC machined parts from our trusted team.
  • We have a complete set of state-of-the-art turning equipment and quality control system, to deliver durable lathe parts with cheap CNC turning prices.
  • Our technicians are experts in the field of CNC turning parts, have rich experience providing customer service in precision CNC machining to a wide range of industries, both domestically and internationally.

CNC Turning Service – Types of CNC Turning

There are many types of CNC turning operations for CNC lathe services that can be performed on a live tooling lathe in a CNC turning service factory, including Hard turning, Parting, Facing, Boring, Reaming, Taper turning, Drilling, Knurling, Threading, Grooving, etc., comes in varying tools, cost and set-up time.

  • Tapered turning: produce a cylindrical part of which diameter decrease from one end to another.
  • Hard turning: suited for materials with a Rockwell C hardness greater than 45, typically performed after heat treatment.
  • Spherical generation: create a spherical finished surface, turning around a fixed rotary axis.
  • Facing: a turning operation in which the workpiece is machined to its center.
  • Parting: create deep grooves that remove a completed or part-complete component from its parent stock.
  • Grooving: similar to parting, but only cut to a specific depth from outside or inside of the workpiece.
  • Drilling: remove materials to drill holes from the inside of a workpiece with drill bits held stationary in the tailstock or tool turret of the lathe. Boring: enlarge or smooth an existing hole.
  • Knurling: cut serrated pattern onto the surface of workpiece with knurling tool, to change or enhance the visual effect or hand grip.
  • Reaming: remove a small volume of materials from a drilled hole, for highly accurate diameters.
  • Threading: turn standard and non-standard screw threads, generally means single-point threading.
  • Polygonal turning: non-circular forms machining operation without interrupting the rotation of the raw material.

CNC Turning Service – Materials Used for CNC Lathes

Working Process: CNC Turning Service
Available Material: Steel, Aluminum, Stainless Steel, Brass, Copper, Nylon, etc.
Process: CNC Turning, Milling, drilling, tapping, etc.
Equipment: CNC Machining Center, CNC Turning and Milling machines.
QC System : 100% QC inspection before shipping
Surface Treatment : Anodizing, Zinc/Chrome/ Nickel/Silver/gold plating, Mirror polish, Electropolish, heat treatment, etc.
Capacity: 10000pcs per month
tolerance: +/-0.005mm-±0.01mm
Business type: Professional Manufacturer
File Format: Solidworks, Pro/Engineer, Auto CAD, PDF
Material Capabilities: Aluminum, Brass, Bronze, Copper, Hardened Metals, Stainless Steel, Steel Alloys
Delivery Detail Within 25 days
Note We specialize in manufacturing all kinds of spare parts, according to our customer’s drawings or samples.

Any more interested in our CNC turning Service or precision metal turned components., please feel free to send us the free drawings.

We will work out the best solution for your offer within 7/24.